Mount Joy RC Club Flying Field

1. Each member is required to abide by the AMA rules of which the local club rules are an integral part. VIOLATION of these rules could mean an insurance claim may be denied and/or disciplinary action taken by the club.

2. RESTRICTED FLYING AREA: No aircraft is ever allowed to fly over the pits and spectator or parking areas.

3. ALL ENGINES that have a commercially available muffler must use one at all times.

4. All members and guests must hold current AMA membership. Any guest flyer must be with a current member and meet all club and AMA rules. Members are responsible for their guests. Guest flyers may fly as guests for only three sessions. Exceptions may be granted only by the club president.

5. All radio transmitters and receivers must meet FCC and AMA requirements. Transmitters, other than 2.4 Ghz units must have its channel number displayed on the antenna.

6. Spectators, children and pets are to be kept away from the models and pets must be on a leash. Cars are to be parked in the designated areas. Alcohol and littering are prohibited.

7. All aircraft must be airworthy and may be subjected to a safety inspection. Only pilots judged competent may fly unaided. Members are expected to interact with each other in a courteous and friendly manner. Differences are to be resolved by the club president.

8. No transmitter is to be turned on until it is established that no interference will be caused with other operating transmitters. If another pilot is waiting to fly on your frequency, you may occupy that frequency no longer than 20 minutes without approval from the pilot(s) waiting. If members or guests cause an airplane to crash by turning on their transmitter, they are financially responsible for damages. Judgment is to be made by elected club officers.

9. It is each member’s responsibility to abide by, and see that these rules are followed. We do not want to risk offending our landlord or neighbors and we want to have a safe flying field with friendly members.

10. As a matter of courtesy, direct your model’s exhaust towards the runway when starting the engine.

11. All members must use a mechanical or human hold down for their aircraft when operating in the pits.

Flying Hours
Monday - Saturday: Dawn - Dusk (Electrics Only)
Monday - Saturday
: 8 am - Dusk (Gas/Nitro)
Sunday: 12 pm - Dusk